Out in the paddock

Our main farm is in Millicent in SA. Steve and his family are passionate about sustainable farming and conservation of the land and have established a world class accredited free range farm that we are all extremely proud of. 

One issue with any true free range operation is protecting the piglets for the first few weeks of their life while they are in their early growing phase. Its a vulnerable time due to predators and the weather.

The sows birth in huts in the paddock with an area of 500 square metres available per sow, a fantastic large space for the sows and their piglets. Piglets stay with the sows here until they are around 6 weeks old and ready for weaning. This system keeps piglets and sows safe and prevents little piglets escaping under fences and getting into mischief! It also provides an abundance of room to move and grow in these early weeks.

After many hours of designing, planning and building we now have mobile weaning pens that allows the weaner piglets a safe and roomy environment that is moved across the pasture weekly or sooner as required. Each mobile system comfortably carries each weaned batch of piglets and provides a warm sleeping platform off the ground and straw on the ground that puts nutrients back into the soil as the mobile unit is moved and fresh straw replaced. They stay here for around 5 weeks which brings them up to age and size to safely head out into the big paddocks.

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