Why does pork sometimes smell when you first open a cryovac pack?

When you first open a cryovac pack containing pork, you may notice a distinct aroma. While this smell might be strong, it’s actually a positive indication of the freshness and natural qualities of the pork. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Natural Pork Odour: The initial smell when opening a cryovac pack of pork is the result of its natural odour. Pork has its own unique scent due to the proteins and fats present in the meat. This aroma is completely normal and indicates that the pork is fresh and hasn’t undergone any artificial alterations or additives.
  2. Retained Freshness: Cryovac packaging is designed to maintain the freshness of the pork by creating an airtight seal. This process helps preserve the natural juices and flavours of the meat. The initial smell is an affirmation that the pork has been securely sealed, ensuring that it retains its optimal taste and tenderness.
  3. Quality Assurance: The slight smell when opening a cryovac pack of pork is not an indication of spoilage. On the contrary, it demonstrates that the pork has been carefully packaged to prevent exposure to external elements. Cryovac packaging inhibits the growth of bacteria, ensuring that the pork remains safe to consume and of high quality.

It may be necessary to use paper towel to wipe down the pork. Or you can wash the pork under running water and pat dry.

Remember, once the pork is exposed to air and allowed to breathe, any initial odour will dissipate, and the meat will showcase its true flavours and freshness. So, embrace the initial aroma as a positive sign that you’re about to enjoy a delicious meal made from fresh, carefully packaged pork.

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